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This is your movement

They have an agenda, but we have the people. If every CUNY student who visits this website joins our movement, there’s nothing we can't accomplish together.

Make an Impact with Advocacy.

Sure, we're students, but we're serious here. Community is important to keep our pulse on student issues. But you know what else is even more important? Advocacy. By actively engaging in the political discourse, we will actively shape policy for everyone's benefit.


About CCSD

We build a movement through the collective power of 500,000+ students from the nation’s largest urban university system.

Who we are, and why we fight for your rights.

The CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities (CCSD) is the biggest not-for-profit umbrella organization in the disability field at The City University of New York, organizing 19 student member organizations across 24 schools and colleges, and representing 9,000+ students with disabilities.

The majority of the member organizations are student disability organizations engaged in activities on city and state levels, and some are engaged on the national level. CCSD has no formal mechanism for funding, and instead focuses on partnerships and collaborations to build a grassroots movement.

We are committed to increase awareness, opportunity and foster community amongst CUNY's more than 9,000 students with disabilities.

The Team behind the Scene

We could not do this alone. Here are some of the awesome people that advocate for your rights.


Samantha Wong
College of Staten Island

Vice Chair

Margaret Ling

Baruch College


Roberto Zamora
Quensborough Community College


Anna Reifman
LaGuardia Community College


Bryan Wigfall
The City College of New York


Akello Thomas
Hostos Community College


Charmaine Worthy
Chris Rosa

Are you ready?